Hey CanMar Fam! 👋 Just a quick one to help you navigate the CanMar community using hashtags. We use hashtags#️⃣ in CanMar to bring together posts on popular topics so they can be easily searched for when you need find something #relatable in the community. How to search 📱iOS & Android * Click the 🔎 on the top right-hand corner of the Activity Feed or within a group 🖥Web * Click next to the 🔎 located in the menu to the right of the ‘CanMar’ logo Plus, don’t forget to use hashtags in your posts, so others can find information in a few clicks. For a full list of our official CanMar # and to learn more click below. 👇

Posted by Melissa Jane Sydie at 2022-05-11 17:31:12 UTC