Today is a bittersweet day ! 7 years ago today my life changed as I knew it ..... no warning , no preparation ..... just another day going to work as a nurse in a busy pediatric practice. 10-11-2016 is the last day I was able to work in my chosen profession. I have grown so much in the past years and learned so much about myself and what I can do ! If we always focus on the things we can’t do , we never grow, we never try and most of all we are always angry or resentful. I have looked at things differently this year and the people I have met and connected with are a huge part of this journey. Cannabis is a tool in my recovery and I may not ever be able to be a nurse again , but I am helping others in a way that can heal the world one person at a time. The ripples of kindness we put out ….. come back to us 10 fold. I am grateful for the challenges I have faced ! Without them , I never would have found my gifts and purpose. I don’t have it all figured out my friends ! Just trying to be a better person today than I was yesterday ! Trying to be the change I want to see in the world. One love ! One plant ! It’s the little things that make me smile ! I began to forage on a new way of life - one I didn’t choose , but one I had to accept. I now I see how everything in our life is connected - there is a reason for everything..... one can be the victim or the victor. I had my share of feel sorry for myself days , but mindset changes everything. Instead of why is this happening to me ? what is this trying to teach me? I began to see the for the first time what life was like being a patient ( not a very good one I might add) This system of medicine and onset of doctors , professionals , holistic , therapists , treatments . Learning what NY State workers compensation is and navigating a system that is not designed to help the injured worker , but rather prove they are not injured. My entire recovery journey changed when I discovered cannabis. It took me being suicidal and a bunch of unique events that showed me cannabis could be an answer. I finally found hope in something that was never offered as a possible option , something that could replace almost all of the pills I was taking and with NONE of the severe reactions I was having to the pharmaceuticals. Cannabis gave me hope when nothing else did. Cannabis saved my life. Cannabis is my medicine ..... I am grateful for the struggles because without them, I never would have found my strength ! My brain injury has allowed me to find my passion and to help more people now then I ever did as a nurse ! Thank you plant medicine!

Posted by Nikki Lawley at 2023-10-13 00:09:07 UTC