Key elections for the cannabis industry are here: Ohio, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, and Mississippi currently are poised to move the cannabis industry forward depending on the outcome of recent initiatives. As each state grapples with setting rules and regulations to successfully roll out its cannabis industry, the state-by-state patchwork of policy is laying the framework for nationwide legalization and business success. I interviewed Hirsh Jain, founder of Ananda Strategy, Hirsh is a cannabis industry consultant and expert in government policy. He helps guide a company's competitive licensing efforts, expansion strategy, regulatory compliance, M&A activity, and venture capital funds across North America and Western Europe. Hirsh shares current policy developments happening state-by-state and how they can affect a cannabis business strategy. Read the ARTICLE: Listen to Hirsh on the Mary Jane Society podcast: Watch Hirsh's interview on YouTube:

Posted by Pam Chmiel at 2023-11-07 15:09:59 UTC