What’s going on south of the US Border, in the cannabis industry? From my perspective, it’s a trial and error phase, as new markets open up. They are really trying to figure out what to do. How to grow, what to grow and who to sell the final product to. From THC biomass to Hemp smokable flower, to hemp biomass, to full spectrum oil distillate isolate and even conversions etc. I really see the US taking the lead in all of the industrial farming, know-how and plantings at low cost. However, once somebody takes the US know-how abroad and educate the world on how the US produces Hemp at low cost, the US will eventually be one of the biggest buyers for Hemp, just as long as it could undercut the US prices and offer with the same quality of product. From what I have seen. majority of companies cultivating, extractors are over cultivating low quality THC with nowhere to sell it. This is set up to fail. Also not planning correctly, will lead companies to a burn rate that it cannot sustain and will eventually have to change strategy or sell or close. On the Hemp side, I haven’t seen too many companies being able to grow biomass at scale, and willing to price it according to US pricing. That day will come, it’s only a matter of time. When a visionary will be willing to help invest into big agriculture, farming, outside of the US. By giving know-how on planning, starting with genetics, planting, harvesting, drying, extracting and making it farm bill complaint, the farmer also has the ability to take the THC up to 1% in most countries outside the US. Let’s see what happens a few years from now! #THC #Hemp #THCa #USA #Canada #Farmbill #SouthAmerica #Isolate #CBD #conversions #D9 #D8 #D10 #HHC #GMP #iseral #Australia #Manufacture #Import #Export

Posted by Emanuel Bernal at 2023-11-07 17:55:19 UTC