#WelcomeWednesday to all our new Beta testers! šŸ‘‹ We've super excited to welcome you all to the #CanMarCommunity! šŸ„³ Now that you are all officially #CanMaronians let us know a little about yourselves by introducing yourselves here in the community. What are you most excited about here on the CanMar app? šŸ¤© CanMar is all about connecting the global Cannabis, Psychedelics, and Plant-Based Medicine community. We want you to be able to find jobs, network, connect, share information, and, most of all, have a dope time! Check out our 'Essential Info' area in the dropdown menu to find out more and how you can get the most out of CanMar! šŸ¤ŸšŸ½ Stand out from the crowd. šŸ˜ Who are you? Why are you here? Let others in the community learn a bit more about you by completing your profile. Find out how to do this by heading over to the 'My Profile' area of the dropdown menu. @Marijane Baker @Fabrizio Rossi @Mimi Cannabis @Dani Farrugia @Daniela WCCC @Lucas McCann @Shelley Esopenko @Kyle Aszalos @Kyle Aszalos @Lindsay Roberts @Catharine Goodbrand @Spencer Hamilton @Rohit Sharma @David Fisher @Levi @Oliver Fisher @Richard McGee @David Hyde @Chef Jordan Wagman @Mark Wacyk @Andrew Kerklaan @Dr. Jennifer Anderson MD @Mateo Roksandic @Toby Noiles @Courtland @EJPF2008 @Jacqueline Menezes @Kaylan Phillips @Amanda Craig @Bria Robert @Charlie Rowe @kafffknott @Paul Dhillon @Coby St Godard @deletedmember @Ian Vand @Mallory Bodnar @James Stephen @Tafadzwa Mutengwa @Shubham Jain

Posted by Melissa Jane Sydie at 2022-05-18 19:41:19 UTC