Welcome friends from all over the world ! Please be sure to set up a personal profile and a business profile ! Make sure to use your full names , pictures and bio! We want this to be a community that grows and expands and makes a difference ! Invite your friends ! ENGAGE ! Post ! Share what you do ! Share what you need ! Share who you are looking to connect with ! Post your pictures ! Post from other platforms and share your content ! Together we can make this THE community ! Advertising is available as we grow and collaborations are welcome ! Use Cannabis hash tags ! Connect with people ! Follow people ! This is a super easy app to use but we must all collaborate and communicate. Thank you to all the humans who have joined because I invited you ! I am working to bring us all together in a meaningful way ! This is a community that we would like To build keeping the 4 agreements in Mind ! Authenticity , your word matters , don’t make assumptions, don’t take anything personal , always do your best. We are so much stronger together! #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #building # community #engageeducateelevate #strongertogether #thefouragreements #buildingsomethingthatmatters

Posted by Nikki Lawley at 2023-12-15 20:55:32 UTC