On my FB memories this came up ! A year ago I began working on my story for a best selling book ! I am a contributing author for The Courage in Cannabis , The Triumphant Stories. Get your copy on Amazon today ! Courage in Cannabis: The Triumphant Stories https://a.co/d/2L3f5qE My journey is alongside 39 amazing humans who found plant medicine too ! The power is in the stories ! My story is about going from , healthcare provider - a nurse - to becoming a patient while working as a nurse - suffering a TBI. Changing sides of the table to becoming a patient , gave me so much empathy for the challenges patients face ! The financial , social , psychological, and overall dealing with a chronic illness is very difficult for one to understand if they are not personally dealing with this! As a nurse I really didn’t understand all this. The plant has given me a quality of life and was a tool in my recovery from TBI. Cannabis gave me a purpose and a passion. The Courage in Cannabis allowed me to share my story and so many people have reached out to me because of this insolvement. The power is in the stories ! Your story matters ! If one person reads my story and it gives them hope , that is what matters ! I am now a passionate advocate, speaker, storyteller and bringing awareness to invisible illness and plant medicine ! I have the pleasure of writing a monthly column with @greenstate called Connecting the Dots. I will be the voice for those who don’t have one , those who are scared or simply can’t come out of the plant medicine closet. A year ago the journey began ! Crazy to think I am a contributing author to a best selling book ! Get your copy today friends ! Book overview The power is in the stories! Courage in Cannabis Volume 2: The Triumphant Stories is released on the heels of the #1 Best Selling book, Courage in Cannabis Volume 1. The series is led by award-winning physician, entrepreneur, and author, Dr. Bridget Cole Williams, MD. Courage in Cannabis Volume 2 is an anthology of 39 authors and contributors sharing their inspiring stories of how cannabis/CBD changed their lives. Adam Wilks, the CEO of Tyson 2.0, is the foreword. He shares an amazing story of growing up in a pre-legal world. In this edition, the authors share stories regarding addiction, trauma, diabetes, autism, brain injury, entrepreneurship, athletics, legacy stories, and much more. A new feature in this book is the “Sparks,” which are short testimonies and quotes from influential voices in the cannabis industry. There are inspiring contributions from Ed Rosenthal, Jane West, Willie Jr. Fleming, posthumous Robert C. Randall, Uwe Blesching, Johnnie Curry, and Mike Tyson, to name a few. This robust edition in the series will challenge your assumptions and enlighten your point of view as you seek Courage in Cannabis: The Triumphant Stories. Featuring Co-Authors: Natacha Andrews, Esq Rick Anstiss Uwe Blesching Jennifer Boozer Mary Jane Borden Danielle Simone Brand Nicole Buffong Axaviar Burrows Amie Carter Andrea Chailiet Christi Chapman Tonica Spicer Combs Johnnie Curry Leo Curry Jamie Dodd Julie Doran Frederika McClary Easley Willie Jr Fleming Candy Flores Jacob Flores Mary Johnson Daniel Jones Dionne Lacey Nikki Lawley Michael Lawson, Jr. Mary Lynn Mathre Gerald Moore Jr Michelle Nary Dr. Lynn Parodneck Dr. Nique Pichette Mskindness Ramirez LaKesha Randle Alice O’Leary Randall Robert C. Randall Ed Rosenthal Tyrone Russell Bronwen Scarberry Rebecca Stanforth Mike Tyson Jane West Adam Wilks #cannabiscommunity #advocacy #patientexperience

Posted by Nikki Lawley at 2023-12-20 03:16:18 UTC