"After a life deeply rooted in traditional medicine and being part of a family of doctors, I never imagined I'd turn to CBD. Growing up, cannabis was a definitive no-no in our household. But life has its twists and turns. Following a challenging journey through DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), cancer, and a colostomy, I found myself in a place of desperate need for relief. For years, sleep eluded me. It was my son who suggested I try CBD, and with much hesitation, I did. To my surprise, the first night I tried it, I slept peacefully, like a baby, after what felt like an eternity of restless nights. I'm sharing this because I know the stigma around cannabis and CBD is real; I was part of that skeptical group. But when something as simple as a natural supplement brings you the comfort and rest you've been yearning for, it's hard not to have a change of heart. I am grateful to the companies that are dedicated to creating these products, helping patients like me find some solace in their struggles. It's not about advocating indiscriminate use but understanding the value of moderation and the potential benefits it holds. To anyone out there who, like me, was doubtful, I just want to say: there's more to CBD than the stigma suggests. It's worth exploring with an open mind. #CBDJourney #HealingNaturally #BeyondStigma" PS: Thanks to @Nikki Lawley for sharing her story. It gave me the courage to share mine. Thank you, Nikki!! πŸ’š

Posted by Sini at 2024-01-22 04:36:23 UTC