Are you ready for the next steps after being listed by the OCM for review? The New York Office of Cannabis Management has announced the order of new license reviews and their license caps for Adult-use Cannabis Retail Dispensaries and Cannabis Microbusinesses. Here's what you need to know: Sorting & Queuing πŸ“Œ Applications are grouped by license type and adjusted for extra priority. The pool is randomized to generate a review queue. Monitoring Your Progess πŸ“Œ Check the NYBE dashboard for updates; review starts 2-4 weeks post-application. Fingerprinting & Correcting Deficiencies πŸ“Œ If you are notified of issues, you have 30 days to clarify or correct the application. Non-Provisional (Annual) License Issuance πŸ“Œ The Cannabis Control Board approves applicants; they will ultimately issue the license and you will be awarded with a unique number. Operationalize Systems πŸ“Œ Set up a store meeting all legal and safety regulations. Implement inventory control measures, staff, and security systems; ensure regulatory compliance. Final Inspection πŸ“Œ Get inspected for compliance; address any issues to meet regulatory standards. Once approved, license holders will receive their NYS placard to display in the window. Start Selling πŸ“Œ Open for business; implement and consistently follow your operating and marketing plans. This journey involves a significant leap of faith, but with the right guidance, you can minimize your ongoing variable expenses to remain successful and become a profitable business. If you have questions or would like help to get opened up quickly, please reach out. Our team has helped over 300 cannabis businesses elsewhere and can take this work off of your plate. Call us anytime at (646) 440-4202 for a consultation.

Posted by Lucas McCann at 2024-01-22 21:46:25 UTC