Check out my reel on instagram! It’s all about the awesome event here in Buffalo surrounding education. EDUCATION! COMMUNITY! We must remove the stigma surrounding plant medicine ! I learned so much yesterday. I learned how important patient stories are and the impact they make. People relate to people ! People relate to experiences ! Industry leaders need to take notice of this ! We don’t need more cannabis events or groups , we need to get into the community and educate them in a way that they understand! Outreach and education are the answer for brand awareness and loyalty. Stop paying influencers that do not bring value to your message. The stigma has been around for so long , people don’t know , what they don’t know. We must learn and educate others in a way that they understand! People are not born with plant medicine knowledge ! The war on drugs created SO much misinformation for decades. We must educate and share our stories. We must come together and help our older humans. Don’t get mad at them for their lack of understanding, teach them! Plant the seed ! C@nn@bis can help so many , especially those over 50 ! This is not going to happen unless we do the work in the community. Speak to the people ! Share your story ! Make a difference! Educate and teach them how to medicate ! #education #plantmedicine #community #communityfirst #learnandteachothers™ #patientexperience #patientstories #storytelling #716buffalo #wny #helpeachother #removethestigma #seniors #nys #nikkiandtheplant #theplantconnectsthedots

Posted by Nikki Lawley at 2024-01-28 23:54:44 UTC