Brain injury awareness day 4 ! Brain injury is so hard to describe to others ! Until it happens to you …… it is difficult and challenging ! You look in the mirror and it’s a different person looking back. Depending what area is damaged there are so many symptoms you don’t understand ! For me ….the headache that never goes away has been a huge issue since 2016… head just pounds ….behind my eyes and at the base of my skull …. The balance and depth perception issues make me much more clumsy and I run into things often….. the cognitive function / brain fog is a persistent never goes away symptom ….. the anxiety , the depression …. The imposter syndrome …. The constant doubting and missing the things you once could do with ease are a constant battle. This is just a few things that I personally struggle with daily. I have seen over 60 medical professionals ….been on over 60 medications and different cocktails to combat these symptoms since my injury. I can tell you now …. These medications , the health care providers are not what helped me manage my symptoms … has been because of the plant ! Plant medicine was never offered as a treatment. I was made to feel crazy , felt unheard and like a complete failure in the first few years of my injury. When I found the plant and shared with other providers …..I was dismissed. In my medical file I was called drug seeking. We must advocate for ourselves and not be bullied by those who don’t understand! We must share our stories so others can find hope in plant medicine. The plant saved my life ! Please don’t judge what you don’t understand! Plant medicine could be the answer for you or your loved one who has a brain injury ! #traumaticbraininjurysurvivor #womensempowerment #tbisurvivor #tbiawareness #concussions #concussionmanagement #concussionsymptoms #postconcussionsyndrome #postconcussionlife #tbirecovery #braininjuryadvocate #invisibledisability #painrelief #nikkiandtheplant #nikkilawley

Posted by Nikki Lawley at 2024-03-04 11:55:16 UTC