Who wants to sell cannabis in New York? If you’ve been arrested for cannabis in #NY, you can apply for the 150 priority licenses about to be issued in New York State. Although word on the street is that the state hasn’t secured even one actual dispensary location, the breakdown of the number of dispensaries licenses proposed to be issued across the state include the following: Manhattan - 22 dispensaries - 1.63 million residents Brooklyn - 19 dispensaries - 2.6 million residents Queens - 16 dispensaries - 2.19 million residents Bronx - 10 dispensaries - 1.37 million residents Staten Island - 3 dispensaries - 475k residents Long Island - 20 dispensaries - 1.46 million residents @Deepak Anand @Lucas McCann @Sherry Boodram, PhD @May Nazair @CannDelta Inc. - Regulatory and Scientific Cannabis and Psychedelics Consulting Firm #cannabis #cannabislicense #newyork

Posted by KD Khairah at 2022-08-24 20:21:10 UTC