What a great time at Rogue Kitchen last week connecting with the cannabis community as Lift Vancouver gears up for their expo in January 2023. Tickets and Link for more info: LCBC+Expo All-Access $599 CAD Industry Expo Only $199 CAD Certified Budtender Ticket FREE Consumer Ticket $20 CAD Lift Cannabis Business Conference (LCBC): Thursday, January 12 Lift Expo Industry Days: Friday, January 13 & Saturday, January 14 Lift Expo Consumer Day: Saturday, January 14 Lift Official After Party: Saturday, January 14 Great to see some old buddies and build new relationships… @May Nazair @Spencer Hamilton @Lindsay Roberts @Stanislava Ludmilin @deletedmember

Posted by KD Khairah at 2022-12-15 23:58:36 UTC