To all of the Canopy crew laid off today, if you want to talk we are here. We can't imagine how devastating this will be for the town of Smiths Falls, Canada. A tremendous amount of positive impact undone. Amid all of the news about industry retreating, we believe in our resilience and have hope for us. We believe the ongoing evolution and restructuring of our industry, however painful, will eventually result in the people who fought for it and built it over the decades being back in the drivers seat reaping the benefits of legalization. We have faith. Feel free to connect with @Spark Hill or @Cindy Burke so we may assist you. @May Khatib @Melissa from CanMar πŸ’ƒπŸΌ @deletedmember

Posted by KD Khairah at 2023-02-09 19:20:03 UTC