Fresh #CMTS episode drop alert! On this week’s episode of CMTS, @Melissa from CanMar 💃🏼 sits down with the fierce and exceptional Necole Hines, a cannabis chef, advocate, educator, cannatherapy consultant and founder of Faded Living, a lifestyle brand normalizing adult cannabis use through dinner parties, cookbooks, a podcast and clothing brand. Watch or listen to learn how Necole is working to erase the stigma associated with adult-use cannabis, uplift and amplify BIPOC within the cannabis space, and how her passion for social justice, delicious food and the cannabis plant allow her to create a 420 lifestyle that brings balance, wellness, enlightenment and change. *CanMar Morning Talk Show is your power shot of cannabis and psychedelics knowledge featuring the industry's hottest experts, thought-leaders, trendsetters, influencers, and celebrities* #canmarmorningtalkshow

Posted by CanMar at 2023-03-07 16:00:15 UTC